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Our mission

“Gorilla Wear wants to bring extra motivation through high-quality sportswear for all muscular and strong athletes worldwide.


Our mission outlines our goal as a company. We are committed to providing good quality sportswear that improves the athlete's sports performance. In addition, we want to offer the user comfort by using the best materials and the most innovative technologies. Gorilla Wear relies on the best tools, materials and the most skilled staff to accomplish this fitness mission.


Our vision

"Become the world leader in athleisure for the muscular and strong athletes!"

With customers in 150 countries and more than 65 established distributors, we are actively distributing gym and lifestyle clothing worldwide. Whether you are addicted to the fitness, bodybuilding, CrossFit, male or female, our design and development team offers you the sportswear that offers you the best and most comfortable fit during your workouts.

To create the perfect sportswear, we partner with #TEAMGORILLAWEAR, made up of the best athletes around the world. Well-known athletes such as William Bonac, Brandon Curry, Cody Garbrandt, Alexander Gustafsson, Dennis James, Erko Jun, Felice Herrig, and Kevin Osazee. Influenced by their requirements in terms of quality and functionality, we offer you unique sportswear that fits, does not break and of course, shows that you are one of the motivated. Join the Gorilla Wear community!


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View our varied range of fitness clothing, workout accessories, and martial arts items for men and women!


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