6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Before searching for a personal trainer, there are a few questions you must first answer to yourself,

1. Do you want to be healthy and fit in the coming years?

2. Do want to have more energy today?

3. Do you wish to regain your confidence and esteem?

4. Do you want to minimize your dependency on medicinal? interventions; medication or surgeries?

5. Are you prepared to be dedicated to recreate yourself?

6. Are you ready to put your health and vitality number 1?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, there is good news! You can accomplish all of these things and more while not have to do it alone!

Below I am going to list my personal Top 6 list why everyone; from children to adults to seniors should hire a certified personal trainer

  1. Specific programs designed for you: The key to success in exercise is in knowing what to do for you and your personal circumstances. Not everyone can perform the same types of exercises nor should they based on their own limitations and of course their own goals

  2. The reduction of injury risk: Having poor mechanics and execution are the most common reasons for unnecessary injuries. Having a dedicated and knowledgeable coach to ensure you are executing the movements correctly will greatly reduce any risks you would be subjecting yourself whole training alone!

  3. Personal trainers are inexpensive: This is one of the truest statements expressed. Consider most trainers will charge up to €50 per hour and if you choose a package or pay in advance, most will offer discounts! So now imagine you choose a 4-session package, come 1 time per week, in one month you will have spent €200. Now add up all the dinners, glasses of wine, cigarettes and quick bites at a fast food restaurant. What about a movie night, a date night, a special occasion? When adding these up, you may have spent over €300 on items that have no long-lasting positive healthy effects. Now just imagine cutting down on some of the monthly expenses that are not “needed” and put that towards your life, your health and your future. Now this is something that is long-lasting!

  4. Lose unwanted fat: Since most people are consumed with weight loss, they forget the dire importance of losing fat. Weight won’t end your life as much as fat will! As we age it becomes harder to lose fat. You might ask Why? There are 4 main reasons: loss of calorie burning muscle tissue, increase in caloric intake, decreased activity levels and changes in hormone balance. An excellent personal trainer can help you build and maintain lean mass, increase caloric expenditure and direct you to understand your challenges with hormones.

  5. Accountability: Your personal fitness trainer is there, waiting for you to show up. You can’t just find excuses not to go to the gym when someone is expecting you! Plus, you're constantly being reminded of the reason you gave for hiring your trainer in the first place. As part of a team you are encouraged to lean on your trainer for support. Sometimes when you are struggling, just knowing someone is there for you who wants the best for you in a nonjudgmental environment is exactly what is needed!

  6. Set the stage for a healthier future: Being willing to make real long-term changes in your life is a personal choice. There are no quick fixes! No Doctor, Specialist, Guru, website or book is going to fix you without you inputting the knowledge and follow through! . Hiring a trainer, even on a short term basis can set the tone for a healthier, happier and more functionally active future.

We all want to be healthy and happy, not just for today but also for our future. However, most struggle with what the right path for them is. As I mentioned, we are all different so what works for one will probably not work accurately for another!

Why not let a qualified and certified personal trainer get you started in that right direction and provide the motivation and accountability needed for you to continue your health and fitness program on your own .

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