A love letter from a son to his Mommy!!

I came across this piece and just had to share this with all the mothers! I think every mother would want to hear these words from their son or daughter... at some point in their life. To know just how the life they helped to create feels for them...

A love letter from a son to his mother…

Dear mommy, my favorite light in the sky, the brightest ray of the sun. A few words today! These through daddy since I am still unable to verbalize these thoughts and feelings that have been in my heart since the days when you were carrying me inside of you and so close to your heart.

I see you look at me sometimes and I see in your eyes that you wonder how you are affecting me and my short life thus far. I sometimes see worry, worry that you are not giving me enough of what I might need, being there for me enough and sometimes even worrying if you are a good enough mommy to me!

I sometimes see the tears, and I know most of them are for the great love you have inside of you for me. But sometimes I see you try to hide your tears and it is those tears that are drawn from the fear and the worry. I see this and wish I could take my hands and wipe those tears away; I wish I could use my voice to tell you all the many wonderful things to make you see, what I see in you. Because I cannot speak yet, my little senses are focused on seeing and hearing, and I wish to tell you now what I see and hear…

… through daddy of course!

Every time I look at you, every time I smile at you, every time I giggle, every time I run to you, it’s because I am a happy little boy! I am happy because you are mine! You are MY MOMMY! I am your son. I am happy because you don’t do just enough for me, you do more than enough and even though you think I do not see all things, you are greatly mistaken.

There are 100 billion neurons in my tiny brain that has my understanding more than you possibly can know. It is true, I can’t express verbally, but I express each and every day by my little cries, yells, giggles, hugs, and squeezes, and even how I pull everything apart or make a mess; this all to share with you just how much I need you.


Your comfort, your kisses; those thousands of warm kisses I feel on my face each and every day. The time you play with me, bathe me, sing to me (you have to me, the voice of an angel) the times you teach me, and even the times you pray with me. I’m not so much into you reading books just yet because I have in me both you and daddy’s energy when it comes to my mind and how it races around from thought to thought. I can’t sit still long enough to listen as I just want to run and express at this point in my life. But I see so much.

I see how you sacrifice for me, my thoughtful and selfless mommy. You put my needs ahead of everyone. I love you for this, but I just need you to realize, there is nothing you can do to have me love you more, there are not enough stars in the sky to begin to show you the depth of my love for you. I feel all of the power of your love, all of the time, each and every day whether you are with me or even when you are not. Love is energy and I can see it no matter where I go as it is inside of me, I carry it in my own little beating heart that grows stronger each and every day. I am confident! You have given me this strength, this love, this reassurance, these cuddles, hugs, and kisses and I know why! You want to give me everything you never had because you know how it feels in your heart not to have had it!

Most importantly because of your amazing love for me, you never want me to ever feel this way ever! This is one of the most powerful expressions of love you can give me!

How can I not be confident with you always filling me up with beautiful words of encouragement and strength? I know you want to do things, create yourself, be the best version of you, I know that you struggle from time to time not having the time to do all you wish to achieve and accomplish. But I am getting older, and you are helping me to be a very strong boy, and soon you can leave me a bit more and take more time for you and what you value most. Love is symmetry, giving, and receiving…

I look deep into your eyes and see myself looking back at me and the love that emits from you is so strong that I feel it move me. I want to share with you what I have learned in my young filled life so far…. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! You are MORE than good enough; I could never want for more.

In the meantime, I do want you to know I see all of these things and more, and one day I will be all grown up, and I will be here then to give back to you all that you need when you need it, for I am you, and you are me! You are my beautiful mommy, and this is my love letter to you, xoxoxo

your son

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