Change or die… Robert!

Robert walked into my office one day, sat down and flatly told me if he doesn’t change is going to die. What was this guy telling me? He was 28 years old, yes he was holding an excess amount of body fat, but certainly nothing that would make me think he was about to die!

The fact was, that Robert grew up in a family where his father was a crack addict, his two brothers were heroin addicts and alcoholics as was his mother. He came from a very dysfunctional family, where they used these outlets to forget their issues and feel better. Robert himself was doing drugs and drinking and he said that if he continues down this path he knows that the future for him is very dark.

After listening to his story, which I’ve heard many, the same scenario was playing out in front of me now. Somebody in their life is not happy with where they’re at in present day, and they want to regain the control they have long time since lost! I explained to him that we could and will succeed if he is committed to the big picture. If he focuses on what he really wants and throws a rope around that goal, and that he holds on to the rope with all his might regardless of sunny days or bleak days where he can’t see two feet in front! I said to him that he needs to keep holding onto that foundation, that rope that is tied to his goal. If he can do this, and if he can follow, then there is no reason he can’t make the changes he is looking for!

Literally I was trying to put fear into him. Not for negative reasons but it’s better that he understands the full ramifications of his choices and if he’s not prepared to follow through, that he doesn’t even start because I do not want to be a part of watching him not get what he wants. He appreciated that, and gave me a 100% commitment.

Soon after we started the program! I was able to give him the specific requirements that he must follow when it came to his eating and his exercise, when it came to his cardiovascular work and when it came to his vision work, the work that makes it all possible! For if a client is not prepared to respect and value themselves, then why would they ever invest not only money but time into something they don't value.

Well months went by, and Robert took to the program with a dedication and focus that made me know that he would be successful. He followed everything to the tee, making sure that he did all his exercises, he made sure he ate as he was supposed to eat, and he made sure to evaluate his progress personally, day by day.

He provided weekly updates for me, and through the duration of the program he lost 1 kg of weight! Now most who didn’t see him would say that’s nothing, that’s a failure, however upon seeing him would realize what transpired. Robert lost 12 kg of fat, all the while putting on 11 kg of lean mass. He changed his shape completely, from that of a person who was fat and obese to a person who was lean and muscular. A transformation that could be labeled as a success.

The most interesting part of it all was not the physical transformation, but the mental and spiritual transformation that transpired. You see Robert stopped the drugs, stopped the alcohol, and loudly proclaimed the fact that he loved his new self and that he loved the confidence that it gave him, and the energy that he got, and all the other wonderful positive attention that he was receiving due to his hard work. He learned that success does come when one has failed repeatedly. For failing, makes a person all that more determined to find the right way to be successful. So looking at Robert, it’s hard to see the most significant change, but that significant change that is underneath the skin, inside the body and inside the mind has kept this guy completely living the right life for many years now!

This is just one of many many many thousands of positive stories and transformations that I have been fortunate enough to be involved in these last 34 years.

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