Meal Prep is key to success

How many times have you been hungry at work, yet had nothing with you? Your only option was to go grab a quick bite from the pizzeria around the corner knowing this is certainly not good for the diet nor the weight!

Why do so many people find themselves in this position?

Preparation! I come across many people who say they do not have time to stand and make meals for the whole day. Yet they also state they want to lose weight and get healthy. Food is energy, energy gives our body stability and strength and a clear mind, so eating is crucial. But eating foods that benefit us, not cause us unwanted results. The idea here is to know what you are going to eat and prepare them ahead of time. Package them up and freeze them. They taste just as fresh when you thaw them out the night before and reheat them with a microwave.

You do not have to eat the same thing every day as you can prepare a few types of meals, but prepping meals on a weekend for the entire week will take you less than 2 hours, but trying to prep every day will take you at least 2 hours PER DAY!

Meal prep saves you valued time, 12 hours a week to be exact, leaving you plenty of time to get to the gym, or do a class and help you to accomplish your goals!

So next time when you find yourself at the office hungry, remember the meal that’s in the office fridge and spend 5 minutes heating it up which will save you a day of frustration and guilt for choosing the wrong foods!

It’s what I do!

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