Do you struggle to achieve a Healthy Lifestyle?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

34 years ago, I started this company with the belief that we would make a difference in people’s lives by providing them the keys to achieving their lifestyle goals! No more guessing! No more rollercoaster rides on diets! No more money wasted. Though we had one major rule.

"You Must Follow"

This program started in Canada, then the United States, we started offering Online Programs throughout the UK, and Australia and then created a full-time branch in Malta.

We have a reached, spoken too and led an accumulation of millions of people. We have spent years on TV providing education programs, interviews, editorials etc. We have written articles for local papers, and written books. And with all of this communication, we have come to understand the world is no better than it was when we started this program.

There are more illness and sickness today. There are more people suffering with obesity, heart disease & strokes, diabetes and cancer! And that is just to name a few!

But we have learned something, we have learned that people cannot be successful in attaining their goals completely if they do not know how! So, one of the major needs here to see a healthier world is,


So, 34 years later, we have decided to create a Top 10 list of Reasons that Limit People from Achieving their Healthy Lifestyle...

Of course, this is only our opinion, but after 34 years this is what we have come to see as the main points!

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