Eating Right . . Even on a Budget!

Contrary to what most people believe, eating healthy does not have to inflict damage to your wallet. Today we see people going for the “cheapest” food options; the pastizzi, meat pies, the fast food chains (you know the ones), and sometimes these options are far from healthy.

As an athlete who tends to eat more than the average person, I find setting budgets for my food as an effective part of my planning! I thought i might share some of the ways I am able to continue living my healthy lifestyle while saving euros where i can.

  1. I rarely go out to restaurants: It’s a shocking reality to find out just how much money you are really spending by buying a quick pizza and ordering quick take away every once in a while. What most people don’t realise is that every once in a while turns into much more often than we think. Spending €30 euro for two from a pizza joint? I think it's best to cook at home a lot more and discover quick, easy and delicious recipes that cost very little when made at home. grant it, it may take time to prepare and clean up after, but you might be surprised what 20 minutes and a good recipe can conjure up and at a fraction of the cost of that pizza

  2. I prepare my meals ahead of time: It's lunch time and you are hungry, you have nothing with you and you happen to be driving past a popular fast food drive in restaurant. You think, this is quick and efficient so you turn in and order. If you can eat as much as me, you might spend €20 on food that has little taste aside from a mixture of heavy oil and grease. This is a struggle me to even contemplate so I find prepping my meals on a weekend and having them all made not only never leaves me without a meal, but maybe costs €3 euro and considering someone might hit the drive through 3x a week, in 1 month you may spend up to €240 on fast foods. Prep meals, its far cheaper and 100% healthier for you!

  3. Check your mail for food specials at your local grocery store: if you can become a master at seeking out the sales you will no doubt decrease your expenditures. Grocery stores will put their fruits and vegetables on sale as other deals like in poultry or fish. Go where you can get the best bargains. Here, as the weather permits, go to the local farmers markets to get your fruit and veggies. Not only will you save a money but the produce is fresh and delicious.

  4. Reduce the purchasing of expensive junk food: Most packaged items ,like cereal, cookies, biscuits and packaged snacks are very expensive considering the quality of foods they are.. You can increase the value of your money by buying plain oatmeal and snacking on fresh fruit and veg!

  5. Don’t let food go to waste: If you have leftovers from the night before then i suggest you might get creative and reconfigure these meals for lunch or dinner. Left overs rice and veggies make a good egg fried rice the next morning breakfast . be conservative and dont waste food!

Healthy eating does not have to be an expensive proposition. Finding good deals, learning to cook at home and utilising leftovers will have you well on your way to a healthy, cost effective eating plan.

In the long run eating cheap fast foods may cost you less in currency, but down the road it may have cost you big time when it comes to your health...

Need to change you life and lifestyle… take the initiative now!

Stay tuned for types of foods that won't strain your budget! COMING SOON!

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