“Expect a Healthy Return on Your Investment!”

One of the most important shifts in the corporate world in recent years has been a growing commitment to employee wellness incentives and programs. More and more companies of all sizes are discovering that investing in the fitness and wellness of employees delivers many benefits and simply makes good business sense. After all, your employees are your most important assets.

You want employees to enjoy their work and bring the best of themselves to work every day. An effective corporate wellness program directly benefits employees and in many ways. Studies have clearly demonstrated that employees involved in fitness and wellness programs within the workplace feel better, have fewer accidents and injuries, less incidence of illness and disease, and more stamina. They lose weight, sleep better, and have a greater degree of confidence and enjoyment of life. In addition they handle stress and negative emotion more effectively, have increased job satisfaction and demonstrate better relations with clients and fellow employees.

"Here YOBETIT top exec Nikolai Livori going through the process of maximising his efforts for optimal health! This dedication to his health in turn benefits his company for his abilities, energy, focus and commitment is enhanced as he himself is in a better place!"

Today we are seeing more and more companies including in-house corporate wellness facilities and programs in the infrastructure, not just because they can be an attractive employee benefit, but because it makes good fiscal sense. A fitter, healthier, more productive workforce directly impacts the success of a company and in the long run, saves money.

On the other hand, the price tag of unhealthy, sedentary lifestyles are fatigue, depression, negative attitudes, frequent illness, and an increased risk of more serious medical problems. These issues don’t only affect individuals and their personal life, they greatly affect employee productivity at work and ultimately, the success of your organization.

It would be nice if employees would take the initiative and pursue healthy fitness lifestyles on their own. However, the reality is that many people may have had no previous education or support in this area, and a corporate wellness program may offer the kickstart that is needed!

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