Getting sick just may be the least of our worries...

Whether you believe or disbelieve the hype of the coronavirus or Covid-19 you must start to realize it just doesn’t matter anymore! For the reality is that the fear and the panic has become a real thing and will only increase and get worse before it gets better.

First off, the numbers if infected with the virus is growing daily. In some cases, it takes more than a few weeks to see the effects on an individual. So, whoever has contracted and has yet to be screened or quarantined can and most likely will pass it on to many others.

So, as the days go by inevitably, you’re going to see a spike in numbers.

Now looking at the events unfolding throughout the world. It does appear that those most likely to succumb to the effects of Covid-19 are the elderly with weakened immune systems, the obese and smokers (cigarettes or vape). Since Covid-19 attaches to the lungs, strong healthy lungs are needed to minimize fatal issues. However, smokers’ lungs tend to not be healthy or optimal to fight the virus and are therefore at more risk. If you smoke or use a vape, it’s probably a good idea to use this time to drop the habit.

Obese people are overwhelmed already with high levels of fat that affect the cardiopulmonary system and cardiovascular system. Also, cortisol levels are usually elevated in obese people. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes the body more susceptible to sickness. This is just another reason to get healthy and lose fat. Not for just the Covid-19 virus but for what also might be coming next. This will not be the last outbreak.

Now for those who think this will go away as soon as the summer comes, the first obvious point is that in the Southern Hemisphere it’s summer and we all know they are also dealing with this as we speak. So, this alone debunks that theory.

What you might not be planning for is what happens if we go on lockdown. Isolated in our homes. Already people are hoarding foods and with the supply lines of food imports already stressed, what’s going to happen when there are no foods on the shelf and those unprepared at home have nothing. This can take this crisis to an all-new level. You’re seeing it already scarce in finding certain things and the worst has yet to come. When the numbers of virus spikes, governments will more than likely be forced to take more drastic measures. Possibly closing off borders, no air travel in or out. I don’t think this will happen, but one must side with caution on these matters. If it doesn’t then, maybe lockdown. Possibly 2-3 weeks.

I don’t condone the panic situation that is happening, but you must be prepared to be prepared.

Now on what to buy...

  1. Water is not something you need not worry about. You can boil tap water easy enough so don’t waste your time fighting for this.

  2. Assorted canned foods

  3. Rice

  4. Beans for protein

  5. Frozen veg and meats.

  6. Non-perishable items.

These are things to stock up on.

Already shops have been lined up with consumers trying to get ahead of the possible lockdown. and with this, the panic is rising. But again, I do not believe we have not seen the worst of it... if Malta is hit like Italy or France then the real issues will start.

Try to get yourself prepared but try to do it in a way where your thinking and planning. Not reacting and hoarding. We all have to manage this together both the bad and the good. We do not want to see unrest and violence because there are the ones out there who have and the others who have not!!

The virus mortality is 2% so it’s still not the biggest problem we have seen. The biggest may just be the lack of food and medicines if things are not managed well and supply lines stop.

Regardless of how you see all of this, your personal point of view, in the end, means little when the reality of the situation is as it is.

Take measures to safeguard your health. Take in foods to bolster your immune system. Get yourself prepared for the worst and pray for the best. And don’t start abusing those in hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores because of your panicking. They are at the front lines of this. If things go bad, they still have to be there putting their lives on the line for you. Have respect for everyone. It’s times like this when the true colors of the Maltese flag really show!

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