How I train when gyms are closed.

How frustrating things have become. Stuck indoors is now a common occurrence and how many times can you go to the grocery store just to get out of the house?

Gyms are closed!!! Spending over 36 years in the gym makes it tough to not be able to go. If it was my choice then it's never as bad as when you're told you can't go!

But will I sit at home brooding? No!

I decided to pack up what little weights I had, and I mean little and a few benches and other gym pieces and move them a few blocks away to my office. There I decided to try to construct a #stoneage gym that might suit me in this downtime.

Using concrete bricks and small weights (will be borrowing a few plates in a few days) I was able to construct something that seems to be doing the job.

Today was the first workout, and I must say, it was a surprise but still very effective. I have to laugh when I see bricks piled up, nevermind doing a bench press with them, but whatever works, WORKS FOR ME!

Check this system out and if you have a garage, not in use, then maybe put something together to keep you sane and physically fit all at the same time.

I think I will allow myself to work with a few clients, one on one if the opportunity arises. In the meantime, my training partner and I will continue the #stoneage workout...

Check out a few workouts below and the #stoneage gym.

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