How to make a resolution stick!

Well the New Year is upon us again. It is the time of year where we feel we have another chance at making this year a better one, a fresh start . . .a new beginning! The resolutions will be kicking in soon, 2 days to go . . . how long will this years resolutions last?

I hope everyone who has made this year’s goal to get in shape accomplishes it. For whatever reasons you feel you need to make a change be reminded that change starts with your desire.! I want to encourage you that in all honesty, I have never seen one person fail when they are truly committed to themselves and to making that transformation. If you do that, coupled with the right information then you will accomplish all you set out for!

I wanted to share a portion of a letter with you I got from one of my followers and past clients. . . I felt it inspiring and worthy of sharing with others who might relate. It demonstrates the importance and rewards of having such desire!

Michelle Zammit, 36

Turning point:

"Four years ago I was struggling climbing up the steps , having trouble breathing as usual. Suddenly I felt my heart pump faster, and it scared me to death. I weighed 94 kgs. I knew I had to change."

Self-care solutions:

"To regain control of my life, I enrolled in John's program and followed John's seven empowerment principles.

They were:

  1. Love yourself. The first time I looked in the mirror and said `I love you,' chills ran up my spine. It took many days of looking into that mirror, but I learned to accept me for me.

  2. Change your thoughts. Every time I had a negative, self-defeating thought, I forced myself to make it positive.

  3. Put yourself first. I started acting as if I were always preparing for a date--with myself--lovingly grooming and caring for my body.

  4. Look good and feel good. I began taking better care of myself outside and in by eating more fruits and vegetables. For exercise, I spent 90 minutes on the StairMaster and 45 minutes lifting weights almost every day.

  5. Find peace in nature. Witnessing the beauty of the sea or a sunrise brought me peace.

  6. Identify and use your gifts. I congratulated myself for being a great cook and a good listener and for being organised.

  7. Protect yourself. I eliminated from my life those people who were causing pain."

End result:

"Today after following John's principles and following his program I am 35 kg lighter and happier than ever."

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