If a picture says 1000 words, what does this picture say?

When I look at this picture, without even reading or watching the clip, it sends a message to me. That message is very vast and even complicated. 


It says that this person doesn't really care about themselves or their health... for if one truly cares, then one truly does everything in their power to change the circumstances. (This can be said for a very high % of this group, however there are those who may suffer from illness and circumstances that restrict their ability to make the right change!)

What we see on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside, and some may give all the excuses in the world of why they cannot do something, but that's exactly what they are excuses. When someone is so determined to succeed... is that determined, then having no limbs doesn't stop them from moving, being paralysed doesn't stop them from participating and functioning to their best capabilities. Nothing gets in the way!. It also shows me that people are uneducated and ignorant to the reality of what living a lifestyle that has been pushed upon us for centuries can ultimately do to us. Our history has made our life and our understanding of it a detriment We are sicker now than ever before, as a human race, we are more obese we have more health issues, we have more concerns about mental illness and disorders, we have more labels that we placed upon ourselves and our children, we are more consumed by the way we look in a mirror or how we appear to others, yet we spend less time worrying about how we are just for ourselves. We do not spend the time to learn, and even those who do spend the time to learn find themselves wrapped up in all the confusion and the bullshit of our industry, so you find people doing all sorts of diets and pills and powders and all sorts of garbage and flash of the pan promotions, anything to try to accomplish something that does not and will never be accomplished by these kind of means. 


Education is key, governments can talk all they want about the problems, but if you're not going to provide the solutions, then regular normal every day people will never learn how to actually change. And instead of providing education, business is allowed to provide an alternate source of hope which is called sales. 

Sell anything, sell it to anyone, sell it at any cost, because that's what makes the world go around… Money! 

And if people started to realise this they wouldn't spend money on anything if it was not education, and then even education itself can be full of misinformation and confusion, so one must be very very aware. But to be aware one must be taught on how to be aware and that too is not out there. 

Will obesity end? NEVER  for there's too much money to be made from it. That's like saying WILL CANCER ever end and of course that too is never, because there's too much money in it as well. The only way these illnesses and sicknesses will disappear is if there is much much more money to be made in the cure then the rest today. 

The way things are today in our world is not how human beings were designed to be, this is not the way life was designed, but somebody got the ingenuity to invent money, and then invent interest which then created slavery meaning every single person owes money to someone and every single person has to work just to live. And if this is always going to be the foundation of the human race then you can expect the businesses are going to follow to make as much money as I possibly can while they themselves have the opportunity to do so and it will be you the consumer who not only will be paying for it financially but will also be paying for it with your life. 

Yes this is a long winded text message, and yes maybe you like them short and sweet and full of false promises and motivational thoughts but the reality is if you want to change your life, then you need a wake up call and to wake up to the real reality, and snap out of the world you are living in that tells you that it's OK to sit around maybe walk for 30 minutes per day, but still eat how you want, and do things every way that you've been doing them and expect that's going to work. Sacrifice and hard work and dedication is what makes success real, and laziness and looking for the shortcut and the easy way out just leaves you with nothing in your hands but a future full of illnesses and sicknesses and problems and concerns and worries and fears. And then you realise in the end that some people just choose that future because it's the path of least resistance.

If you want to change your future, open your ears, listen to what makes common sense, and then if you decide that you can follow the education then take a step forward and move forward with the conviction and a consistency and dedication to changing the circumstances of today and that is exactly what you'll get. A brand-new you with a brand-new way of seeing things, a new outlook on life one that starts with wisdom and understanding let alone mentioning the fact that you will be healthy on all aspects.

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