If I give up again, I think I’ll probably never try again...

Dear John

Every year I attempt to follow through with my New Year’s resolutions. I rush into the gym and do everything “right” – cardio every day and weights five days a week! The problem is that for the last eight years within two weeks I stop going to the gym and return to my old habits. This year, I am determined to succeed. I cannot have one more year of failing myself. If I give up again, I think I’ll probably never try again. It’s discouraging and I often wonder why I am such a failure in this one area of my life. Please help. (Jennifer, 41)

Dear Jennifer, Sounds like you feel the same as many others do as they begin a new fitness program. The more times we try to accomplish something and then fail, we set ourselves up to fail once again. Pretty soon, we stop believing in ourselves and even give up trying.

Why do you think there are few people that permanently lose fat?

Not many are confident that they can succeed because they have failed so many times before. Even though they won’t like to admit it, most people begin their program believing that they will eventually fail.

There is a way to turn this downward spiral around. You sound motivated and you certainly have the desire to succeed. Unfortunately, desire by itself isn’t enough. You also need the correct information to begin your program at the right pace and with the right activities. Otherwise, all the desire in the world will not get you to where you want to go. Our first suggestion is to consult an experienced lifestyle/fitness expert; someone with a proven track record. One of the main reasons you are failing is because your program is far too intense at the beginning and you are burning yourself out with the shock of this increased activity level. Get on program that builds up gradually and you won’t even notice the additional effort it will take to accomplish the activity each day! An experienced trainer will be able to help you set up a program that is more realistic.

The next key to success is mental focus. We have a saying that we use when we’re trying to move ahead with a goal. So think about this as you start this year’s resolution…Believing is Seeing! If you believe you can accomplish anything, and keep believing beyond any barriers you may encounter, you will begin to see the results. Consult a professional, get on the right program and then believe that you are strong enough to commit to a lifestyle change. Day-by-day take the steps necessary to get there. Each day is a success that will help you build your confidence that you can complete one more day. With the right information, the correct plan and the belief that you can succeed, you will soon begin to realise the results of your dedication.

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