If you speak negatives, you will receive negatives!

Negative energy is contagious and affects those around you as well as yourself.

You will know this when you step foot in an atmosphere that is full of negative energy. You will feel like you want to leave, or for sure you will feel uneasy, tension and even agitated. What we are talking about is energy, and energy swirls around us constantly. If you have felt this then you are convinced Negativity is contagious!!!

Of course, it’s totally normal to feel sad or angry from time to time. But when these feelings occur more often than not, you may be holding negative energy in your body:

Some signs your negativity may be affecting you;

  1. Headaches

  2. Stomachaches

  3. Anxiety or depression

  4. Sudden mood swings

  5. Restlessness

  6. Confusion and tension

These are all signs that negative energy has collected in your body. If this is happening in your life, you must start to rid these feelings and start to process the positives. Life is full of positives, yet most of us do not focus on what we have good, but tend to complain about what we have bad thus giving negative vibes, energy a foothold in our lives. This is degrading to our live and our spiritual selves and will keep us in the dark far too long!

Look up to the sun if you need a reminder of positivity, see the light! Look into your child's eyes and see the glint of excitement... yes there is a lot to be grateful for. Just open your eyes a little wider and you shall see

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