Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see this before and after?

"She lost a lot of weight", "She looks better", "She looks healthier" or "what a change" or "She must be very happy”. You might even say, "I wish I could do that"

The fact is, this picture conjures up so many thoughts, but thoughts merely based on a visual. We see a positive change so then the change must be good! Since we live in a visual world, a world based on image, a world mostly judged but what others see, it becomes even more obvious as to why we would just see this transformation and judge the exterior. But, ....

Is the outside transformation the most important transformation to be focusing on?

What about the changes that we don't see but are very much evident when you start to focus on the individually fully? Changes like, internal confidence. This person sacrificed and worked hard to better her health internally, and that desire and effort only paved the road for a better physical look. But the confidence gained, the valuable lesson of setting a goal and accomplishing it; this is the real significant change.

Changing from the inside, from the mentality, the confidence, the self-respect. To feel empowered, to feel worthy, to feel self-value goes a whole lot further than one might see on the outside looking in.

After all, as George Bernard Shaw said,

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

The real transformation happened inside, and from that came knowledge! Knowledge and experience that should she ever falter again, she will know what to do to get back. But more importantly, that confidence should not be the result of the exterior transformation, but rather the catalyst for the exterior transformation!

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