Is there enough time to eat properly in today's age!?


Eating frozen food is not the answer. You can cook that in 30 mins. If you don't have 30 mins to cook and enjoy your meal you're existing not living. Daniel, I beg to differ... I’m not existing. I AM LIVING! And I’m doing what I enjoy. I’m healthy, I have my family, I work, I train and I still find time to enjoy my family time at home and outdoors. But 30 minutes x 5-7 meals a day is 3 1/2 - 4 hours gone that I can’t get back. We are not living in the 1800’s anymore where life was so much slower. Where it didn’t take you an hour to get to work and back. What is our number one commodity as human beings today? Money! Money to live, to eat, to pay for home, car, insurance, child activities... so much to pay for that money has become the number one necessity. Not health, not family not free time or hobbies. So I do not want to be tied to work to make money and lose everything else so valuable.

Society has pushed us past the point of having enough time. We work from let's say, 8-5 which gives us no time to prep meals, which is 9 hours. And on 1 1/2 diving time. That’s 10 1/2 hours! Let alone enough time to eat! After this we are consumed with daily activities such as picking up the kids, taking time for ourselves to exercise and be healthy let alone taking time every day to develop better relationships with our partners. All of this fast-paced living has essentially stopped families from eating meals together. As each has its own agenda.

The fact is, unless you have your own business and feel you can leave it for 4 hours a day to cook, or are wealthy enough to have someone make meals for you, one is going to have to makes some concessions. Most of us have little spare time to manage a responsibility list which every day seems to get bigger and to which you fall behind on that eating for most people because an afterthought, let alone having to prep and meal then eat and clean up.

I didn’t choose the lifestyle we all are currently living in! It’s true, I could try to step out of the fast current of life and slow down so that I could eat 6 meals a day while sitting comfortably with my family beside me but in today’s day, that’s virtually impossible to do if you don’t want to see even more negative ramifications brought to the family (which globally is all but nonexistent).

Look around and see how many unhealthy people there are and then see how many meals they eat a day. No breakfast, no lunch or a crappy quick fix if anything, then a huge dinner then to the couch to watch tv and sleep. Or else a diet made up of fast foods and convenient snacks from convenient shops. No, my friend. I have to disagree with you.

I rather sacrifice variety in food, have a tasty microwaved one that I made and still be able to eat 6-7 times a day, work, train, be healthy and have plenty of time for a growing family and family life. The latter is a great trade-off to your idea of 30 minutes a meal to prep, clean and eat while losing valuable 3-4 hours. Plus it’s much cheaper than the alternative of trying to be healthy and eating out for 5 of those 7 meals.

I appreciate your comments and I understand you. But you see I live in a world that doesn’t allow me as much time as we need to do the main things... be healthy, be with loved ones and as you said, live. All the while working to pay all the bills to do just that.

You will find that many people would choose for meal prep meals made and delivered to their place of being over not eating or sacrificing all that time to try to eat when the time doesn’t all it...

There is no wrong answer, as we all have different lives and desires

People, what are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear them. Please comment below.

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