Keeping Your New Year’s Diet Resolutions

“The quality of an individual is reflected in the standards they set for themselves”

It’s the start of the first week of January so I've got just a few more encouraging words for you as you begin the your New Year’s resolutions.

Hopefully, many of you are on your way to a new lifestyle and better health…or not! If you’re really serious this time around, you may want to apply a few, or all, of the following tips that our followers and clients use to help them stay disciplined and focused in their own personal resolutions. Remember, anything worth accomplishing requires some form of sacrifice and discipline. Keep this in mind as you read through the following tips and consider how you can incorporate these tested principles into your own life.

  1. Develop a personal plan that is evaluated every week.

  2. Set a realistic long-term goal and then choose weekly mini-goals for behavioural change.

  3. Keep a daily diary of foods and beverages consumed. Engage the assistance of a nutritionist or fat-loss expert to evaluate your progress. (i know a very good one :) )

  4. Do not skip breakfast. If need be, have some dry cereal and low-fat milk if you are in a hurry.

  5. Carry your lunch to avoid eating at fast-food restaurants.

  6. Avoid selecting a vending machine lunch. Keep a supply of instant soup, water-packed tuna, and fruit at your office.

  7. Get outside for a brisk walk during lunch or on the way into work. Park farther away from your job site to increase exercise.

  8. Try new low-fat recipes, which are easy to prepare for dinner. Use lean red meat, poultry, or fish at each meal.

  9. Store your family’s food out of sight to discourage snacking.

  10. Find a partner who is supportive and will collaborate in weight and exercise goals.

  11. Join an exercise group, or health club for physical activity. Also, take up a hobby that is incompatible with eating.

  12. Develop a weekly reward system for meeting behaviour change goals--for example, going to the movies or buying a flower bouquet or download a motivational clip of relaxing music.

  13. Keep an exercise and diet diary. Schedule quarterly evaluations/check-ups.

  14. Participate in contests conducted at the worksite.

  15. Focus more on the health benefits of diet and exercise, rather than the weight loss and aesthetic benefits.

  16. Do not let setbacks derail the meal plan.

  17. Renew the commitment to the program the following day.

  18. Learn to have as much patience with yourself as you have with others in your life.

One final note…in order to make it happen, you must plan the work and work the plan. Simply put, you just gotta do it!

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