LOVE & FAMILY: the real cure for any affliction!

COVID-19 has the power to strengthen or to weaken everything in its path. Especially family unity! The real vaccine for its power is “Love & Family”.

Have you ever noticed that when challenges hit people unexpectedly, the strong families ride it through only getting stronger, and the weaker families tend to break apart at the seams... ... and when the dust from this “pandemic” finally settles you will see the real devastation, not in deaths of human beings but in the deaths of all that they held so valuable. Strengthen your family, use the time to fortify your foundation, meet each other’s needs, take away the fear and the ego’s, the attitudes and the frustration and vaccinate your relationship with patience, care, kindness, gratitude, unselfish behaviors; treat each other as you would want to be treated!! After-all what could be more important especially now than “Love & Family”? Malta has seen 3 deaths from COVID-19. But the real tragedy is in the numbers of suicides, people with depression, anxiety, loss of hope! Loss of businesses, livelihoods, loss of homes, loss of stability, loss of connectivity, loss of fellowship, security, food, and freedom! But more importantly, how many people lost their families, their loved ones, their dreams... THEIR CHILDREN? DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Do not fall asleep on the most important institution humans have ever engaged in... FAMILY & LOVE... lack to do so will bring about the worst devastation in people’s lives. Much more than any virus ever could!

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