Need to feel gratitude.. this will leave you speechless!

Hey everyone . . What a beautiful day . . . days like this you almost feel like you can do just about anything, doesn't it? It's a positive day, sunny, warm and full of opportunities! Why do we have days like today when we know we can do anything, just to have other days when we feel we can't?? What changes? Well that is the "challenge" we need to figure out . . . because truthfully, nothing changes aside from the way we see things from the inside. We have to try and remember, the sun shines from the inside of us, the feeling of strength, control and awesomeness comes from deep within each and everyone of us even though we might like to give credit to the external situations, i.e. a sunny day!

Why do we one day decide we are not doing very well, that we are not good enough or that we can't accomplish even one day of commitments and yet another day, our strength and resolve is strong and invincible. People, we are all strong and invincible, as strong and as invincible as we imagine our self to be, and nothing can bring us down aside from our very self and our destructive negative habits. We need to start retelling the story to ourselves of how amazing and wonderful and courageous and powerful we are . . . we need to reread this story every time something jumps in our path trying to take us down a couple of notches . . we need to pull out our story and read it 10 times before we reach for a 2 minute pleasure piece of cake only to be tricked into a 2 day guilt piece of cake . . come on people lets take account of who we are and start realising we are ALL amazing and powerful and its time to convince our minds of the real truth .. . WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE CHOOSE, SHOULD WE CHOOSE!

Today is a beautiful day, and so is every other day you miraculously awake from sleep and your heart still beats . . its not the sun that makes us beautiful, it's the beauty in us that makes the sun what it is . . we are all about success and strength and positiveness, we are all about survival and fortitude and moving forward until the very end . . we are all about overcoming the obstacles to pursue our dreams, our goals, our desires . . . STOP allowing a weak moment, a version of a bad day, a negative comment, a bad comparison or anything else trying to sabotage you to get in the way . . . you after all truly are the valued one!

Now, I want you all to write-down on a piece a paper, what makes you valuable, what is important to you and what on this wonderful day you would do to accomplish your goals and dreams . . and every time you are about to give in on a negative urge, believe in a negative thought, or carryout a negative action . . step aside, read your note 10 times and after reading it . . are you still prepared to sabotage yourself . . NO!

"I am an amazing person, who deserves the most amazing opportunities life has to offer. I strong, I am confident and I am prepared to say No if saying yes is going to hurt me. I can and will overcome this moment of temptation, for I know it is merely a trap, and I am going to continue to move forward loving myself by making decisions that will only help me, encourage me and strengthen my life and my mind. I am a miracle and deserve to be treated as a miracle and every day is another opportunity for me to be thankful for my life and to shine. I can and I will be strong. I will show others how to love me, by showing others how I love myself. I am precious! And I will not FAIL!!!"

Repeat this 10 times and I promise you all, the moment of fear and despair will pass, when you are in a moment of trepidation, the overwhelming feelings will pass and you will see the true beauty of you and overcome whatever is laying at your feet! I wish you all the success this life holds for you, you are all beautiful amazing people . . STAND UP AND BE RECOGNISED!

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