Some Reasons Why People Quit Their Diet/Exercise Program

After 34 years in the business of helping, directing, educating and motivating people to a better lifestyle, I have learned one valuable lesson. I am only as good as my clients! If my clients do not help me to help them then in the end, I cannot make their goals a reality no matter how much I want to. For in the end it’s not in my hands!

Over the years I have seen people start and stop their programs repeatedly. They often start the process with stating, “I am committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle.” I inform them when they sit with me in my office,

“Do not do this program if you are not going to see it till the end as it will be a waste of your time and money!!”

But most will continue on as the goal is very much in front of them and they want to succeed. But when life offers up adversity, as it often does it seems that the decision to adopt that healthier lifestyle and reach those goals often takes a back seat! So the big question becomes...


Here are some of the top reasons people stopped their program all the while seeing great results?”

Maybe you can relate to the reasons why people quit, for they may have affected you at some point as well!

  1. Not committed.

  2. Not seeing the results they expected in a short time.

  3. Don’t feel worthy of success.

  4. A Lack of belief in themselves and their ability to commit.

  5. There is not a strong enough “Why” or "Reason".

  6. Some distraction knocks them off track and then they discouragement sets in.

  7. They might feel they’ve “achieved a lot” and found themselves complacent enough to SIT awhile, though sadly their accomplishments to that point will not STAY if they stopped too soon!

  8. Not enough time to commit.

  9. Fear of change.

  10. Costs associated which a lifestyle; gym membership, supplements, healthy food etc…

  11. Feeling overwhelmed with life’s challenges!

  12. Family obligations!

  13. Fear of success.

  14. Injury. You have to stop to recuperate, get out the routine and then never started up again.

  15. Self sabotage

  16. Skewed body image. Even though there are visible results, the person doesn’t see them.

  17. A lack of Support and Encouragement from those closest to them.

  18. You start getting great results, but realise that there is still work to do to maintain the results! you then realise you will have to continue to work to be healthy for life rather than a short period of time.

  19. You say, “I can cheat a little,” then a little can turns into a lot. The next thing you know, you’re going BACKWARDS and abandon ship for you feel you failed!

  20. A lack of motivation. This is why it’s important to keep a circle of supporters who are positive influenced.

  21. Seeing good results but expect even better.

  22. You feel it's turning into a job and it's not fun any longer.

  23. Cost of a new wardrobe.

  24. Went on a vacation and lost your routine.

  25. Can’t afford it.

In my own life, I too have experienced some reasons among others but I always remained focused and steadfast on my goals! Giving up on them or myself won’t make me feel good about myself and I certainly do not want to establish a habit of giving up! It's not conducive to success!

The reason I wrote this is in hopes it will help you break through your excuses to get healthy and fit, and discover ways to indeed make it a lifestyle and maintain results.

Good luck on your journey,

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