The All-New "PAY AS YOU GO" Program

The importance of a “pay as you go” program.

In today's fast-paced society it's very difficult to see people these days committing to any one thing for any length of time. Marketing and social media have led people to believe that change can happen overnight or at least, very quickly when observing certain details.

When these results do not materialize, people tend to jump ship and move on to the next program. The problem here is that you are not giving enough time to any one thing to see if it will work in the long run.

“You cannot plant a seed today and expect that it will be bearing fruit tomorrow, or in the next month or even in the next year” This being said, no program, no diet, nothing is going to work that fast even if it is by chance the correct program for you.

For 34 years I have been providing programs to help people establish;

  • a healthy lifestyle,

  • weight loss,

  • increased energy and stamina,

  • better overall strength,

  • core strength

  • a healthier body to reduce injuries and illnesses and problems associated with a poor lifestyle.

These programs are created with a 4 - 6-month duration because it takes that long to actually develop a habit or pattern that provides the results that people are looking for. But as I mentioned above, today people have a very difficult time sticking to any one thing if results do not happen quickly enough. If they don't see something that they like in a very short period of time they move on.

To accommodate you I have asked the question,

what is it that I could do better to help you accomplish what you want?

And the answer was,

  • a program that works

  • a program that was easy to manage

  • and where they could pay with each visit that they made.

So, you asked, and I have answered with this new program!

The pay as you go program

How it works:

  1. You come in for your initial evaluation where we determine what it is that you need and require to accomplish your goals.

  2. We will evaluate your health, weight, and fat.

  3. We evaluate all other aspects of your life from; eating, to drinking water, allergies, health issues, exercise, even the holistic side of things, for example, meditation, relaxation, techniques, etc.

  4. We will determine the situation as it is for you today and based on your desire, meaning where you want to end up, I will then build a program to provide that for you. Call it a road map. If you follow this map you will certainly end up at your destination.

  5. From your initial evaluation I will then build you and provide you all the necessary tools and information to get you on your way; meal outlines, food substitutions, recipes, exercise programs, core exercises, walking or cardio equipment, weight training, home or gym, exercises for seniors

Anything that will help you accomplish your goals and anything that is based on your requirements. So, for example, if you cannot exercise in the gym or you do not want to exercise in the gym, then we will omit that from your program.

Once this is done, I will provide you your program for review.

Now the secondary aspect of the program is accountability and support. People tend to need accountability, so they stay on track. So, whenever you feel like coming back into the office for whatever that may be, example;

  • life coaching session,

  • support session,

  • personal training session (at home or gym)

Whatever you need is provided as all of these are considered accountability and support. You choose what you want. You may decide that you want support on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis or on a basis of every six weeks or two months it is totally up to you.

This is completely entirely your choice. Obviously, you determine what you need and I will provide for that need.

  1. The cost of the initial session is 100 euros, where you will receive all of the things that I have written above. If you are a previous client, then the initial session start is 75 euros.

  2. Then with every session that you book after whether that be support or accountability, each session is 50 euros.

  3. Sessions range from 60-90 minutes depending on the amount of support you need.

  4. You can come as often as you like, or you never have to come again. This is your choice. (For example, I see a chiropractor once per week because I need to be adjusted that often. Based on my lifestyle and my activity it is imperative that I see a chiropractor once a week to keep myself in condition. Someone else might see a chiropractor once a month or once every six months).

So, this is your preference, you pay as you go.

This program puts you in control, you determine when you want something and how often you are going to come in. And you will determine when you're finished.

I feel that this is a program that can work well for most everyone and fit in with their budget.

If you feel like this interest you, you can contact me and schedule your first appointment.

Remember, this program gives you; -No contracts -No terms -Full programs -Full support -Meal planning -Exercise programs -Personal training -Self-development programs -Holistic approach -Come once, or come as much as you like -Pay for the sessions you attend

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