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The purpose of this book is to motivate, encourage and enlighten you and your day. When all hope seems lost or a positive word is needed to bring you back to the living, grab this book and find the words you need to lighten your spirits…

“...BE POWERFUL, DO NOT BE AFRAID... if it intimidates others then it’s misread, if it empowers others then your actions were interpreted correctly!
Not everyone wants or can accept such a gift, but the impression will be made and if not this day then one day, your vulnerability, your openness, your strength will be acknowledged!
If I am ever fortunate enough to affect others in this way like others have affected me this way in my life, then I would be so grateful for that opportunity!”

Sample from Thoughts to Live by


Sometimes you hear that sentiment where someone says that you think too much. And they try to encourage you to not think so much about life and the issues but rather just live.

Upon reflection, I might suggest that it’s not thinking too much that is the issue but rather thinking too much about the wrong things and thinking too little about the right things. Put your thoughts and your energies into thinking positive and powerful thoughts about what you want to accomplish, what are your ambitions, and what are your desires.

The universe is here to grant us our desires and will work hand-in-hand with us to make them come to fruition if only we put the right thought into the right thinking.

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