Tips on how to manage Christmas with healthy decisions!

Well, it’s that time of the year again…Christmas! Your office is bursting at the seams with chocolates and goodies, everyone is going out for lunch to celebrate, and your home is full of the delicious smell of home-made baking. It’s a season of culinary delights, with each delightful morsel tempting you to postpone your diet.

You’re going to resist, or at least that’s been the plan so far. You’ve determined that “this year it will be different”! You will not allow these sugary little treats to creep from your hand into your mouth and directly onto your waistline. This year, you’ve reached a limit and since there isn’t a lot more room to let your belt out, it’s either do or die.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re on a diet or simply trying to cut back this Christmas, you probably have the same question as many others. How can you make sure the temptations of the season don’t get the better of you? Well, lucky for you, I've got some great tips to share with you:

  1. If your diet is new, you may have to decide to forego events that are “triggers” for unhealthy eating and drinking. Don’t allow the season to be an excuse for self-destructive habits to reoccur.

  2. If you are attending a special event, decide before you arrive exactly what you will allow yourself to indulge in. Eat a healthy snack before you arrive. Moderation is the key, but if you can’t be moderate, then abstain entirely. Everyone has a breaking point and you must know what your personal limitations are.

  3. Don’t allow others to pressure you to “just have one”. Remember that other people are usually trying to lessen their guilt by insisting you share in their bad habits. You have the strength to resist so be disciplined and stick to it!

  4. Engage the support of someone in your workplace or home to encourage you and help you resist temptation. Make them your “buddy” and give them permission to “watch” you when you feel weak.

  5. Start seeking friendships with like-minded people. Look around for individuals who lead active lives and eat healthy foods. They may be much more supportive than your old friends who may prefer to see you stay the way you are.

  6. Finally, don’t forget that no butter tart or peanut butter ball is ever going to taste as good as slipping on a pair of size 7 pants and a sleek silk blouse and feeling great about how you look. The sacrifices are worth it! Be confident in yourself and success will follow.

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