What can we learn from a fly?

It’s almost the New Year once again! Another year for that resolution that vows us to get into shape once and for all. Though most of us who frequent the gym all year know this story where for the first three weeks the gym is packed, and the regulars are frustrated because now they are waiting for machines and weights that they normally don’t have to wait for. But they know . . . in a few more weeks the gym will be back to its same ole self and everyone can continue the routine as before. .

This same example reoccurs year after year. And for the regular gym members point of you, you can understand the story, however when you look at it from the person who might really want to make a significant change, the person who lasts all but three weeks, you gotta ask yourself, “what is the issue, I mean how hard is it to follow through with what you want?”

I’m glad you asked that, because I think I have a possible answer, and I am going to share it with you in hopes you see the value in it. Pass it on to those you think could benefit from it, I think it truly it could open some eyes.

The story...

There is a small fly burning out the last of its short life’s energies in a futile attempt to fly through the glass of the window pane. The shining wings tell you the poignant story of the fly’s strategy – try harder.

But it’s not working.

The frenzied effort offers no hope for survival. Ironically, the struggle is part of the trap. It is impossible for the fly to try hard enough to succeed at breaking through the glass. Nevertheless this little insect has staked his life on reaching its goal through raw effort and determination.

This fly is doomed. It will die there on the windowsill.

Across the room, ten steps away, the door is open. Ten seconds of flying time and this small creature could reach the outside world it seeks. With only a fraction of the effort now being wasted , it could be freed of this self-imposed trap. The breakthrough possibility is there. I t would be so easy.

Why doesn’t the fly try another approach, something dramatically different? How did it get so locked in on the idea that this particular route, and determined effort, offer the most promise for success? What logic is there in continuing, until death, to seek a breakthrough with “more of the same”?

No doubt this approach makes sense to the fly. Regrettably its an idea that will kill.

“Trying harder” isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more. It may not offer any real promise for getting what you want out of life. Sometimes, in fact, it’s the biggest part of the problem.

If you stake your hopes on a breakthrough on trying harder than ever, you may kill your chances for success.

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