What is important to know about your body?

What is important to know about your body?

The state of your body may not be an easy subject to talk about. Honestly examining how you treat it might make you a little uncomfortable. These are good signs. It means you are experiencing cognitive dissonance—a mismatch between what you believe and what you are learning to be true. It is one of the first indicators of change.

If you are feeling like you have to lose five kilograms or more, please don’t be self-conscious. What you look like on the outside is not as important as how you look inside as well as how you feel about yourself. What is happening on the inside is what really counts!

The truth of the matter is you cannot really tell how healthy you are or how well you are taking care of your body by looking at the exterior. It’s true the outside can be a great reflection for what is happening on the inside, but we all know someone who looked extremely healthy and was active and fit who drop dead because they were so messed up on the inside.

It is a sad thing that in this country 26% of the men and 22% of women are clinically obese—that means 20% are above their ideal body weight. Beyond that, millions among us are clearly out of shape or heavier than we ought to be. It is interesting to note that the higher a man’s education and the more money he makes, the more likely he is to be overweight or obese. That is a dangerous situation to be in because obesity and excess weight are linked to hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and forms of cancer.

“In fact, the top 4 killers in the world today are all nutrition related!“

Holistic Health by John F Xuereb is here to empower you, we are here to educate you, we are to direct you and we are here to support you in whatever you want to accomplish in your lifestyle goals.

Raising one’s awareness of the functions of the human body is key to understanding why we need to treat it with respect. This is inevitably the foundation to your success.

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