What’s the deal with diets anyway!

I’ve been working in the health and wellness business since 1986. And since then until today, every single person I meet in my office or online or anyone who’s inquiring about my business, always wants to go on a diet to lose weight!

Forget about the question of what his weight, because that’s not even very specific when people say they want to lose it. But why is it that everyone is wishing to start a diet? I really don’t like doing anything that has the word “D I E” in it! Especially when I know of many people who have died because of very poor diet’s!

How is one to know what the right diet is, there’s so many thousands of diets out there, everyone saying this works and that works! The Internet is pushing diets left right and center, books, magazines and social media push diets! All in the order to lose weight!

And we can certainly tell that works!! Look at our society worldwide. Who can argue with the fact that as a world nation, we are sicker, more obese, fatter, more health issues than ever before, but at the same time there is more awareness! There is more information! Supposedly there’s more education! There’s more specialist! There’s more Nutritionist! There’s more webpages and social media pages that tell everyone how to do it right! But yet the world is more sick than ever before!!

The top four killers in the world, are, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer! And why is this? Because everyone is dieting, eating less than they need, eating more than they need or not eating at all? END RESULT... we are more fat than ever, not to mention, less active!

What has happened to us, that we are so caught up in image rather than Health that we’re willing to just pay money to anyone who might have an answer. Why are we prepared to spend our life guessing what is right, rather than doing what is right? Maybe the answer lies in the education! And maybe the education just is not right, and that’s why there’s just so much internal and external problems when it comes to health!

My advice, don’t diet!

Get yourself a healthy eating plan! And what plan would that be? Well that’s the one that’s right for you! And not what everyone else is saying but rather what’s right for your own body! We are all different, so there’s not a chance that we can all follow the general rule!

It’s time to wake up to the fact that the health and wellness industry at the very top knows all too well that everyone wants something when it comes to image and Health, but the majority of people just do not know how to get it! So the information becomes skewed, and we become human ATM machines paying money out of our pockets year after year only to see that year after year we’re getting more unhealthy, more fat and less confident!

Stop guessing, and go get educated! Once you get educated I think you too, will not want to DIEt ever again!

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