What should you look for when hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist?

Since the inception of promoting diets, whether on the internet or Facebook or any social media platform, it has become evident that people will use these outlets to find options to shed unwanted weight! They will even use social media to showcase their own weight loss or to inadvertently promote their own services.

Some offer opinions and advice so in essence tryouts to be a source of reference. Even I occasionally use platforms to promote AWARENESS and EDUCATION in hopes that those viewing would retain that education and awareness and ultimately use it to make better more efficient decisions...

One of the biggest questions I have received over the last 34 years in this specific field of business is;

“what should you look for when hiring a personal trainer or nutritionist?”

I see this question on Facebook diet pages often as well. It's a great question, and one you should not ask unless you're prepared to follow it through to the end this making the right choices!

I'm going to do my best to answer this but do pay attention to the following factors.

To some extent, hiring the right personal trainer or nutritionist is not much different from hiring any type of service provider. A lot of these factors would apply if you are hiring a doctor, or a lawyer or contractor and even a child care provider. (The point is, these are important and essential for your safety, both short and long term) Still, there are some factors that are very specific to the work performed by a physical trainer or nutritionist.

Has solid accreditation’s and certification: Physical training involves a lot of science. People HAVE to go to school to know the proper muscle groups and how they work. Armed with this information, these people would know how to set up the proper workout schedule for you for maximum results. This is why accreditation, certification, or some sort of educational background in physical fitness, diet and nutrition can go a long way. Personally I knew this was vitally important to me and my business and to the many many thousands of clients! My background and certification is in personal training and nutrition I also studied about human movement; muscles and joints, and the best way to incorporate them and maximize them for health through safety!!

Has a solid background in nutrition

The most important factor to any health or fitness goal is proper nutrition. If you’re not getting the right foods for your body you’re going to have a hard time reaching your goals. Find someone who knows that it’s not just about calories in versus calories out. For example getting 1200 calories from soda isn’t the same as getting 1200 calories from broccoli. That much sugar in soda would put you on the path to diabetes and gaining weight. And though everyone is consumed with weight, the truth is weight is not the issue but rather weight coming from fat.

A simple fact that until I came to Malta, FAT as a topic of was NEVER TALKED ABOUT but only used as a description of another person. Consuming your thoughts with just weight loss may in fact make you unhealthier in the long and short run. You need to understand the difference of the two and not just from the obvious but even on a cellular level - heart disease , stroke, cancer and diabetes are all related illnesses - NOT WEIGHT!

Has a proven track record

A trainer might have a nice physique and seems to have the right academic or accreditation background. Still, these factors may not necessarily mean this person is the right trainer for you. You also have to consider whether they have successfully helped people in the same situation as you. Look at the shape these people were in when they began. If you notice a very big difference in their physiques before and after the training, that’s a good sign you should do seek the counsel with that particular trainer. However, if the trainer shows you before and after pictures with very little difference, then you’re probably better off looking for another.

Has produced quality results with people like you

From my own experience it's one thing to work with Hollywood stars, as I have, that already have awesome bodies. It’s another to work with somebody who has over 30-50kg to lose. It's important you have a person who is well versed in working with people of all backgrounds. Look for somebody who has a proven track record of producing quality results with people who are in the same physical shape as you.

Offers a holistic approach

In general, weight loss and physical training involve both the mind and the body. You are not going to really work out to your fullest potential if your mind is not in the right place. You need somebody who will be able to train you to adopt the right attitude so you can work out day after day, regardless of how you feel.

There are a lot of people who are trying to achieve the same results as you. Sadly, most of them fail. Why? A lot of them have the wrong mindset or don’t know what to do.

Displays the proper level of empathy and patience

To a certain extent, a personal trainer/nutritionist is very much like a teacher and educator and even a Counsellor of phycologist . A teacher has to put himself or herself in the shoes of the student to properly instruct the student. Otherwise, that teacher is not that effective. The same applies to a trainer of physical fitness. If this person is any good, he or she will have the patience and empathy needed to help you absorb the concepts and information you need.

Hiring this highly skilled individual requires a system. You have to be both systematic and methodical in your search for this particular type of service provider. Otherwise, it’s too easy to end up with the wrong person and not getting your desired results.

And lastly!

Do not let price be the deciding factor. You can spend less now with someone, yet continue to keep spending for years to come with other types of people and plans. But if your educator is great, and you follow the advice, you may spend more now but not pay again later...

If you need more help, you can contact me at info@johnfxuereb.com

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