Why almost 80% of your New Year's Resolutions Fail

There is a saying that is expressed right after the holidays. Ever heard of holiday remorse? It all those guilty feelings that take over your mind for all those indulgences and slip ups. The only way you try to make yourself feel better about them is create those New Years Resolutions.

Why does this happen?

Well over the holidays most will just abandon most if not all of their restraint when it comes to food, drink and exercise and instead indulge in everything the season brings. But while lying in bed you find sleep easy for you cling to the notion that the New Year is coming and then you're going to lose all the weight and get in shape...

How many New Year's intentions are born from this thinking? Repeatedly year after year!

... Now it's January and you go to the gym to find a huge influx of new members, classes are full, pilates, yoga and HIIT and business are booming, book sales regarding diets are up, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers are feeling the effects as well. That was January!

By February 80% of those who made resolution are again sitting in front of the TV or at their work desk feeling remorse. What kind of remorse you ask? The remorse of disappointment for yet another year came and went and the resolve to fulfil those resolutions have once again failed! Why do you start with such high hopes of getting in shape and losing weight yet cant seem to make it happen?

After 34 years watching this behaviour and supporting people to get past this encyclical issue, I feel I can shed some good light to this!

The answer; It's important to recognise that all your solutions for the New Year are doomed to fail because you have done little to change your mindset and attitude and even less to enhance your capacity to either sustain motivation or handle the inevitable stress and discomfort involved in change.

I use this quote by George Bernard Shaw often and it will fit here perfectly,

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

In other words, unless you first change your mind, don't expect your goals to manifest themselves in health or anything else you might have chosen. It's not the nutritionist, the gym, the guru or the diet that will change you

"It's your mind"

"To change the cycle, and get your mind to where it needs to be.  Check out my programs  and see how you we can accomplish it TOGETHER!!"

The unfortunate truth is that the act of change, can cause stress. Whether you're feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated, fatigued, weak and out of control, or simply bored, stress becomes the main component to failure.

The next issue will most likely be self-sabotage! When it comes to handling the stress involved in change, many well-adjusted, happy, overweight, out-of-shape people will convince themselves it's better to take themselves out of the stressful environment!

What is needed here is self-discipline. Essentially, you have to build self-discipline by committing to the uncomfortable period of change. You hear often,

"It's tough in the beginning but after a month or so, its much easier"

Self discipline is no different than going to work every day. You have to keep doing it every day and building each day you commit! This is the only way you can survive in life. Bottom line: Don't Give Up!

So, let me give you some advice, especially before you decide to make any more changes to your health, tummy fat or getting on a new diet!

"focus on training your brain"
  1. Develop self awareness. Living without self-awareness is like walking down the street with your eyes closed . . . you can still walk, but eventually you'll have an accident . With being aware you will become more in-tuned to the bad habits you are making and the patterns that tend to have you quit and thus will have you seeing more clearly the path forward!

  2. Think small. We hear so often that thinking big is the magic to success. I disagree! Begin with little successes. Look at those habits that being aware has shown you to be holding you back. Make an easy one like, "When I take off my clothes I will fold them neatly and put them away " Make a deal with yourself that each day you will do this, and no excuse, or reason can get in the way! So throughout your day, find simple challenges like that and then make then happen. 

  3. Build self-trust. If you have been driving for years now, you know that most of it now has become instinctive. Your reactions on the road, how you get home and can't remember which way you drove. Every time you get in that car, self doubt doesn't creep in! Once you get used to making small things happen, you will begin to gain more confidence and realise that, "What you say to yourself is what you will do" Remember, to develop a capacity for self-trust, you MUST succeed! And to succeed you must not obligate to something you can't handle. If you're not sure you'll stick with walking five times a week, then don't make that promise to yourself. It's better to accomplish a little than accomplish nothing at all. Remember one step at a time can have you climbing mountains!

  4. Grow optimism. Life has its share of negatives, especially if you are looking for them. The idea here is to rewire your brain to focus on all the positives. How many times have we said what a bad day we had and list of a bunch of negatives only to overlook all the amazing positives. Being alive, being healthy, having a family, being loved only to mention a few! Don't let your insecurity tell you there are no positives. Reacting first negatively will surely block out the positives. But for most this is habitual, so keep looking, the positive are there. If you always complain and make excuses, if you whine and say you cant do it; to yourself or in front of others, you are only ensuring that the negatives will rule . People who think and speak negative are so used to being that way that they don't realise it's a bad habit rather than realising it's a choice. You must start believing in the positive and in you...

If you can follow some of these tips NEXT YEAR YOU WON'T NEED A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! If you do not want to wait till next year, contact me, or look into my programs  and see how we can accomplish it NOW!!"

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