You are what you eat!

Illness and disease are fed! For example, cancer feeds off of sugar! Diabetes is another illness directly related to sugar. Obesity, heart disease, stroke, these are all linked to saturated and fatty foods.

So if illnesses and diseases feed off the food that you eat, does this not put you in more control of what issues may come your way. It’s true, some people may be prone to certain illnesses either by genetics or circumstances that are out of their control. But this for sure does not apply to everyone.

Let's look at just 2 influences that can cause serious issues to your health, that are not in your complete control.

  • Air pollution: Who will deny the world is dealing with Air pollution! Air pollution can be defined as the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds including those of biological origin in the air, at levels that pose a health risk. In an even broader sense, air pollution means the presence of chemicals or compounds in the air which are usually not present and which lower the quality of the air or cause detrimental changes to the quality of life (such as the damaging of the ozone layer or causing global warming). We call this the Greenhouse effect!

  • Greenhouse effect, a warming of Earth's surface and troposphere (the lowest layer of the atmosphere) caused by the presence of water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, and certain other gases.

Now what goes up must come down!

  • Soils can become contaminated with all sorts of chemicals; from oil, gasoline, or pesticides to a variety of industrial chemicals and mining wastes. This contamination may occur through unintended spills, although in the past waste materials of these types were frequently disposed of by dumping on soils. In urban areas it is common to find lead-contaminated soils as a result of the use of lead-based paint for decades. Lead, as well as other contaminants, frequently makes creating an urban garden a real challenge. Frequently, new topsoil is brought in, mixed with a large quantity of compost, and placed in raised beds so that plant roots grow above the contaminated soil. Agricultural soils that have a history of applications of sewage sludge (bio-solids is the current term) may have received significant quantities of heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, and chromium, as well as antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs contained in the sludge.

Here lies the next influence

  • Pesticides and Herbicides: Our foods come from the ground! Whether in trees or lying right in the soil Our meat is grown from sources from the ground, whether organically (eating grass) or being fed certain feed that is still organic in nature, like corn, oats etc! Our vegetables are grown in this soil, as well as being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides etc. You bring those vegetables home to make a soup. You wash the vegetables thinking you can clean off the chemicals and then you boil everything.

  • Is what you're eating completely safe? When the boiling points of these contaminants is greater than the boiling point of water, water distillation systems will readily remove the chemicals out of the food and leave them behind in the residue water. This means that your vegetables have ZERO value, not even fibre and your soup is full of the pesticide waste. In other words; high toxicity. Point here: You can’t rely on ordinary cooking to remove all traces.

  • Peeling or washing fruit and vegetables does more to reduce pesticide levels than cooking, but the only way to be entirely sure is to stick to organic produce.

  • Now poor air quality being ingested everyday, coupled with eating natural foods grown in a toxic environment leaves human beings at the mercy of the state of our world and those powerful people who run it.

Do you wonder why there is so much sickness in the world? You need not look far! Taking a glance out your window is sufficient enough to see it!

A quick answer on how to minimise health issues due to these elements we face everyday!

A person who is healthy, eats right and exercises regularly will be in a better position of strength to fight off the toxins present in their bodies.

Consequently a person who is not healthy, does not eat right or exercise will find their immune system compromised, putting them in a position of weakness and subject to whatever befalls a human!

Learn how to fight this problem. Learn what to do! After all your health is in your hands now!

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